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Keypad Configure Instructions



You would use a keypad on a smart phone or tablet that you have installed at a front or back door.


Please note that at the moment the keypad is only available on Android.



Steps to create and configure a keypad:

  1. Connect your smart phone or tablet to the wireless network (the keypad application will only find local econx devices)
  2. On the smart phone or tablet you MUST completely disable any lock screen.  If this isn't done then the keypad application will shut down and the client will miss all alarm notifications.  Thus it is important that the smart phone or tablet is also continually on charge.
  3. Go to the Play Store
  4. Search for 'econx' and download the 'econx keypad' application
  5. Open the 'econx keypad' application and hit the 'Scan' button at the bottom of the screen to find the econx on the wireless network
  6. Select the econx ID/serial number to generate a 'Keypad Validation' code
  7. Use your laptop to go to www.econnecx.com, then 'Manage my econx' (top right)
  8. Select 'Configure' button
  9. Select the 'Keypads' tab
  10. Select 'Approve keypad' and you will see it change to an 'Existing keypad'

    You may change the name of this keypad by over typing ... e.g. Front Door Access, then hit 'Apply'

  11. Go back to the smart phone or tablet and select OK on the 'Keypad Validation' pop up.
  12. It will then take you direct to the Zones section and it has automatically downloaded all users created in the Manage Access section of the website.
  13. Configuration complete



Instructions for client use of the keypad:

  1. Select the econx Keypad application
  2. Select the Zone you need to manage
  3. Select the correct user from the drop down list
  4. Enter code for that user
  5. Select 'Arm' or 'Disarm'
  6. Done





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