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econnecxtm Providing Smart Energy Efficient Homes and Offices


      Saving Power – Increasing Security – Remote Control

Simple – Peace of Mind


Typical Installation - $ 2,100 – 3,500 + GST Fully Installed


Subscription $ 80.00 + GST Per Annum




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We are proud to announce the release of our new web site. Check it out at


  • New Residential and Commercial Videos
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  • More specifying and wiring information 


Coming soon: On-line videos for:

  • Customer account set up
  • System Configuration
  • End User Operation




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Most other home automation products in the market focus on light dimming, scene control and audio integration. These systems generally have expensive hardware and wiring requirements. Due to their complexity they require specialized installers.


As you have fixed interfaces they tend to date as technology changes. These systems typically only exist in high end homes and suit people that love technical products.


Econnecx™ has been designed to be simple to use and install, meaning any electrician can complete your installation. econnecx™ uses conventional wiring meaning it can be retro-fitted to both new and existing homes and offices. Most importantly econnecx™ typically provides additional control of fittings and appliances that will still be in your home or office in 10-15 years time, making it a practical tool, not a toy.


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econnecx™provides 3 core functions.


1. Save Power and Money – we already use sensors and time clocks as a basic form of automation and power saving, a lot of these timers are complex and typically don’t get used as well as intended.


Econnecx™ provides a simple user friendly interface that provides scheduling of appliances and fittings like Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Towel rails, Under floor heating, Lights and much more. Each econnecx™ can schedule up to 13 appliances and fittings which means you can control more and therefore save more, econnecx™ automatically adjusts for daylight savings and our dusk and dawn modes mean lights are on no longer than required, econnecx™ also provides an away mode that turns all 'stand by' power off, therefore  saving you more.


2. Remote Control – econnecx™ has smart phone app’s that can be used for controlling appliances and fittings from anywhere. The ability to open doors, gates from anywhere can save time and give you peace of mind. 


3. Increase Security – Checking your phone will let you know if you set the alarm or shut the garage. You can let people into your home or office without giving away giving away keys and codes. Lighting can be scheduled to be on when you arrive home or turn on with your app.


Econnecx™ – Evolves With Time


Learn more at



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